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A while back, my friend Sara forwarded me several articles concerning tap water pollution. I had never given much thought to it; after all, tap water is controlled by a local municipality or city and I assumed that it was safe – I believe “potable” is the correct term.

Sara’s articles really opened my eyes and I immediately started to look into what they had to say. I have to tell you that I was horrified – and terrified! I discovered the differences between tap, purified, filtered and distilled waters and began to research the various benefits of each. I found that distilled water has almost all the impurities removed from it and I discovered how to make distilled water myself, at home. And because I use distilled water almost all the time, I decided to buy a good water distiller for home use.

I thought I should share this information with you as I am sure this is important to you also. And as I love to write reviews for my readers, this might help you improve your health, home, environment and your life.

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You can always have distilled water at home . . .

I bought this model of water distiller because it’s convenient, well-priced, took up very little space on my countertop and gave me value for my money. You can be certain that you are getting the purest and freshest water by distilling it yourself and it’s easy to keep clean, although that’s seldom required!

How much distilled water will it give you?

Countertop Water Distiller will generate one gallon in five to six hours and it will produce up to four gallons of pure, steamed distilled water every day. You just fill the stainless steel chamber, plug it in and a few hours later, you’ll have a gallon of fresh distilled water in its glass collection container.

Eliminate your bottled water consumption – save your money!

Here is just one of the benefits of using a Countertop Water Distiller. I checked prices for one distilled gallon of water on and found Nestle and Nalgene offers. I don’t want to get into comparing volume, but you can figure it out and see for yourself that using a water distiller is much more cost effective, especially in these financially insecure times.

Extend the life of your appliances!

Most steam-iron manufacturers recommend using distilled water – but few of us do as the tap is so much more convenient. Now, with the Countertop Water Distiller, you can use distilled water every time you do laundry and your iron will last much longer – mine is fifteen years old! Use distilled water in your coffee maker too – you will not believe how much better the coffee will taste or how much longer your appliance will last.

Corrosion? Never!

The Countertop Water Distiller has a stainless steel tank or boil-chamber and because it’s a pure water environment, there is no corrosion, making it last a long long time. The outside of the unit is a hard, white, durable composite material which wipes clean instantly.

How Much Is the Countertop Water Distiller?

Well, let’s see what you get for your money. You get the water distiller itself, with its power cord and the one-gallon glass collection bottle. Also included is a six-pack of charcoal filters and a residue cleaner. Its price ranges from $170 to $250, but right now, you can get this countertop water distiller on Amazon for $165 – generally they list it for $229. And it comes with a one-year warranty as well as a thirty-day money-back guarantee!

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Complaints . . .

Just two! There are areas where the city tap water has a very high mineral content which gives a slightly acrid taste to the water, even with the carbon filter. The solution for this issue (found by one of the customers) is to turn off the water distiller before the last few ounces of water boil away. Set up a kitchen timer for it.

The second – there was one mention of a strong metallic taste in the water. In this case it was suggested that mixing two cups of white vinegar with the water before starting the distilling process should eliminate the taste.

What are the Reviewers Saying?

The Countertop Water Distiller is receiving rave reviews from most consumers on the Internet and is being rated at 4.5 to 5.0, with 5.0 being the best. So it seems that this particular distiller is the best rated and the most popular on Amazon. Here are some of the comments;

- “Very little assembly is required and the unit is simple to operate. I recommend it for anyone who is concerned about purity of drinking water.”

- “The three-years-later review: it works as well as the first time I used it.”

- “I had the unit a few months before I used it. What finally got me to use it was the fact that I got really sick from drinking the local tap water. I cook and wash with the water. Now my skin feels soooooo soft!”

- “The water tastes wonderful!!”

- “This is a wonderful distiller. I really like that the water has no bad taste to it.”

- “I use it for medical equipment, drinking and a floor steamer. I believe in a few months or so it will pay for itself and it will be all savings after that.”

- “I knew how to make distilled water manually, but I decided to buy Countertop Water Distiller, since it is safest and easiest option for water distillation.

Where can I buy the Countertop Water Distiller?

You can buy this Countertop Water Distiller on Presently, there’s a special savings of 28% which is about $64. I compared prices with other online merchants of water distillers and this is the best price I could find right now.

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Making distilled water in your kitchen – DIY

Learning how to make distilled water in your own house is not a difficult process but making distilled water takes a little patience. First you need to know what distillation is. Distillation is a process used to purify a liquid by boiling it and condensing its vapors.

Thus you should start by filling up a kettle with tap water and let it boil at medium heat until the kettle starts whisteling. That is the moment that liquid is transforming into purified vapors which you need to condesate in order to have your distilled water. Now you must carefully remove the kettle’s cover and replace it with a tupperware container. Let the kettle boil for another five minutes and then take off the tupperware container and cover it catching the steam inside. Leave it a little bit and you will see the steam turning into distilled water.

Now you have learned how to make distilled water, but … in my opinion, the safest and easiest option for water distillation is buying good distiller.

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Do You Really Understand What Is Distilled Water?

What is distilled water? Earlier, water was consumed directly from the tap, well or river but now you need to think twice before you take a sip of that same water, as it contains harmful impurities. So, how do we quench our thirst? Where to get water in its pure form? And, how to make distilled water?

Changing times

With changing times, it has become obligatory to double check every small thing that we do, eat or breathe, including the water which we drink. Our regular natural water contains many miniscule pollutants, toxins and minerals.

To kill these harmful bacteria, viruses or living organisms present in the water, we usually try to boil the water. Now, if you go one step further, and cool the vapors of this boiled water, back to its liquid form, this process of distillation takes place.

Is this purified water good for us or bad for us?

If you are still wondering what is distilled water, then it is this same condensed water which is now in its purest form. This distilled water is now free of all the harmful microorganisms, but at the same time has also been stripped off its natural useful components like iron, calcium, potassium, etc.

Using distilled water is in today’s world is extremely essential, as it tends to cleanse and remove the toxins from our body. Most of the diseases are water borne; hence it is obvious that you consume clean and clear water to keep yourself fit and fine.

Why you need to drink distilled water?

It was perfectly fine for our forefathers to drink fresh water from rivers, wells, etc., because of the natural vegetation and clean atmosphere prevalent in that era. Today, we are surrounded with pollution, release of harmful deadly gases, unknown diseases and dying vegetation.

All these terrifying factors affect our water sources drastically; hence the water that we get might not be consumable at all. To live a healthy and happy life you need to drink distilled water.

How to compensate the lacking minerals?

Many people argue about the minerals which are lacking in distilled water. Well, you can always consume nutritious foods which are rich in those minerals to compensate for the water that you drink.

You can either avail of the pure distilled water from the grocery or medical stores or you can try distilling water at home, by which you can cut down on your expenses. Read other articles on my site for more information on how to make distilled water.

It is very important for you to understand what is distilled water and to learn the various benefits that it offers for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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How to Make Distilled Water and the Pros and Cons to It

Have you ever wanted to know, how to make distilled water? When you realize that the water you are consuming is highly contaminated, you start looking at all the options meant for water purification. You will come across many such methods but one of the most efficient and cost effective methods would be distillation.

Manual water distillation

If you try to do it manually, it is a very tedious procedure. You need to boil water in a large vessel and then try to collect the vapors of this water into another container. You need to be sure that the vessels you use have to be hygienically clean.

The vapor that is collected cools down and transforms back to its liquid state. This water is now called distilled water which is free of all the harmful contaminations.

Buying a good water distiller or learning how to make distilled water

It can be highly beneficial for you if you purchase a good water distiller or buy distilled bottled water from the grocer or medical stores. Though it might cost you money, it might prevent you from falling ill and save you from those harmful diseases.

When you buy a water distillation unit, you need to thoroughly clean it every day. If it is not cleaned properly the microorganism might still prevail. They may not be so cost effective, but what can be more important than your health?

Water borne diseases

You might think of purifying the drinking water using filters. But these filters do not remove all of those deadly organisms. It might kill a few of them, but there are some which can pass through the filter easily, hence you might not get water in a pure form.

Cholera, dysentery, etc. are water borne infections. If you do not drink clean water, you might get infected with one of those deadly ailments.

Time teaches lessons of its own

As time went by, people soon began to discover that all these distillers were not at all as good as they claimed to be. This was because of the fact that the quality of the water was not at all pure and there was a threat from bacteria as well as chemicals, with the use of this water.

But there was a big problem that lay in convincing people who had been using these systems for a long time. The bottom line of how to make distilled water is that it is better to buy a good water distiller, instead of doing it manually.

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